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Ah Deep Joy [Nov. 25th, 2014|04:16 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |mischievousmischievous]

I do so love it when someone accidentally forwards an email to someone that contains a reply further down where you're insulting them.
Even better when it's my team leader. If I mysteriously disappear tell the police to check out Ruzwan's alibi....

In other news London is looming closer and I'm getting excitable looking at stuff to do on the Sunday/Monday. I have a definite plan to go to The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities and the British Library Gothic exhibition. And Harrods food hall. Always Harrods food hall...

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(no subject) [Nov. 24th, 2014|11:19 am]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

I, for one, welcome our Ant overlords.


Back again. I do prefer it here. Your words don't get lost in time, obscured by photos of someone's cat or dinner or cat's dinner.

A busy week looms ahead at work followed by a trip to that there London to celebrate the birthday of that there Alex. Excite.
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I'd like to teach the world to sing... [Oct. 29th, 2012|01:43 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |okayokay]

*taps microphone*
"Is this thing on?"

Ah! Another sporadic attempt at remembering to use LiveJournal as it's better than FaceBook for writing down stuff (tm)

It's true though, when I was ill at the beginning of October I managed to look up when I had the same issue before (April 2007 I think) and confirm I had an anti-biotic allergy that I'd temporarily forgotten about. Doh. How much use would FB have been? None. That's how much.

So what have I been up to? Been playing badminton with daevid, eddy_, maviscruet and timsinister which is rarely unhilarious if not quite the power workout I'd hoped for. Booked tickets to Japan for D, Mave, nigelmouse and myself for March next year - woot! And D and I have been having some singing lessons.

Yes you heard me right, singing lessons. I *really* enjoy singing.

Picked up a set of 3 as a groupon offer and have just booked up for 10 more. It's suprisingly liberating. Despite my often brash and loud exterior I'm a shy and sensitive soul lacking in confidence and desperately worried about making a twat of myself. But recent, drunken bouts of karaoke have made me realise that when I sing loudly and confidently I can a) generally make a noise which isn't too eargrindingly awful and b) completely rag my throat. So I took the opportunity to go for singing lessons (the group on was for music lessons and I did consider the flute...) - it's odd though - it feels like a far more potentially vain thing to do than going for lessons on an actual instrument. Weird. Maybe it's just me...? Anyhoo they've been a really good experience - more like psychotherapy than you'd imagine. I just *can't* sing confidently in front of people if I'm sober. but here I am warbling away at *quite some* volume at this poor little fellow (and Daevid - but he at least gets to inflict it back on me for the other half of the lesson). I think I'm picking up some stuff and am getting better, I have no illusions though, do not expect to see me on Britian's got talent as the goth Susan Boyle.

Anyhoo - Whitby on Thursday. Need to sort out my packing list and get on with the depressing bit where I assess what actually fits me ;)

Also - how the hell are *you*?
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Typhoid Cloney [Jan. 10th, 2012|01:36 pm]
[Current Music |the blupblupblupping of my tum]

I've just spent the last 2 days mostly in bed a bit feverish, faint and immensely nauseous. Thankfully I wasn't sick. I'm never sick. If I'm sick I'm much iller than necessary - even norovirus only illicited the merest passing vom from me. But I had the other symptoms in such abundance that I was beginning to wish I could be sick to rid myself of all the acid that was building up. Think is was some sort of stomach 'flu passed on from Al to Mike, Helen and then me. By Sunday evening even my hands were aching. Sorry to anyone I've managed to pass it on to!

After a day without food a dry piece of toasted fluffy bread was amazingly tasty. When I finally ate properly last night, 48 hours after it my last proper food, it was spot on - the salt on the fries was like ambrosia from the gods. I like salt at the best of times but having expelled all my body salts over the previous 2 days I could feel my loops of Henle* cheering.

On the plus side I may have lost the xmas weight. On the negative side I'm super aware of every blupblupblup and twinge in my entire digestive system today and have a tendancy to get quite swimmy occasionally.

Watched the A-team on Sunday night - utterly ludicrous but quite enjoyable - next on the pile is the expendables. Also this weekend has consisted of a bit of retro gaming with me replaying Heroes of Might and Magic V - spiffy - I got a box set of the first 5 games so may replay them all (apart from 1 - that'd be a play not a replay) - I miss the ('Heroes of' + 1)('Might and Magic') series - I've spent a lot of my life playing the strategy game and the rpgs they made. I really love old skool RPGs *sigh*

* they're in your nephrons if I remember A-level biology correctly.
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*taps screen* [Jan. 6th, 2012|10:42 am]
[Current Music |I have black-eyed peas stuck in my head - does that count?]

Is this thing on?

Maybe 2012 will be the year of going back to LiveJournal. I like it here. I like being able to go back through my own and my friend's journals, to be able to revisit significant times with older eyes. Facebook is very 'now! now! now!', not a place for recording the bimblings of your life and mind.

So what *are* the bimblings of my life and mind at the moment you may ask. (You may, I just gave you permission!)

D has just moved up to Leeds, this is good, I get my tea cooked and my bed made for me on an even more regular basis than before! Clearly there are other benefits too but this is before the watershed so I won't go into them here ;)

Got a letter from Companies House the other day saying that unless anyone objects the company will be struck off and dissolved in 3 months. I know we've been here before but hopefully HMRC won't block it this time now I've sent them more paperwork. That said, the threatening letters from Eon and Yorkshire Water etc stopped a while back now so perhaps they've finally accepted that the company will be struck off and they won't be getting anything cos, you know, the club closed a year and a half ago and unless they'd like a 5 year old pc that only cost £100 new, a basic HP Laser Jet and a box with a few Stella Artois glasses in then they're really not going to get owt. Oddly companies that are no longer trading don't tend to have a way of making money to pay outstanding bills and throwing solicitors, court orders and debt recovery companies at them doesn't work unless they're magic solicitors, magic court orders and magic debt recovery companies ;)

In more mundane day to day news I am now far too unfit to even attempt to get fit through the medium of TaeKwonDo. When you're a black belt there's a certain level of ability you're expected to have and hoping the whole class will slow down to a level you can cope with cos you're fat and waddly isn't really fair. So D and I went out for a 'run' last night. Original plan was to run around Burley Park but it was dark and forbidding and had rowdy teenagers on bikes; we ran a couple of times round the block instead. Well, D ran - looks like he might be quite good at it - whippet that he is, I grumbled and jogged and walked and wheezed and occasionally ran. Hoping to change the ratio to include more jogging/running and less walking and wheezing. I suspect the grumbling will stay fairly constant though.

Tonight I have redfetishfreak round for video watching. I get to meet the new, non-drinking Beckie. This scares me!
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2012|09:27 am]
I ain't dead.
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Authentic Queers and Phoney Virgins [Jun. 14th, 2011|01:50 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncy]

woo hoo I've order tickets for an acoustic Marc Almond do at the City Varieties for Dr Claire, Daevid and myself in October. yays!
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Updatealicious [Jun. 7th, 2011|09:53 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Another hectic weekend has passed. And it started out so sedately - I'd not been able to log on to WoW from Wednesday due to some perculiar virgin media error so Daevid and I had dinner at FujiHiro and then watched Payback on DVD instead. Lovely dinner and an enjoyably silly movie.

Saturday was Mof's post-wedding hen do. We met up at Leeds station and headed over to York. The lady Mof was very excitable and kept trying to guess what we'd be doing. We had a very lovely afternoon tea and cakes at Betty's before heading off in a hired boat. (I'm in a BOAT!) to cruise the Ouze. We decided to head back to Leeds via a pint so set off for the Maltings pub when we found ourselves in the midst of a bunch of naked cyclists. Amusingly one of the girls had encountered them the day before in Manchester and had the uneasy feeling they might be following her.

Beer-> train+Beer-> Curry+Beer. Went to the Shabab under the station, it's a more modern version of the one on Eastgate, lacking charm, but the food was lovely nevertheless. the MofMa and I had the nehari - very tasty :) We then headed off to the SkyBar which was utterly soulless and over priced. The other clientelle were either irritating posh students/city types or extremely common people shovelled into posh dresses, paying £4.75 for a bottle of Timothy Tailor's Landlord. for the life of me I don't understand the concept of going somewhere expensive just cos it's expensive. it was drizzling so no one was on the balcony, which inexplicably looked out over the bit of leeds south of the city centre - so beeston and hunslet... and was only 13 floors up - hardly the sky. *sigh*

Anyhoo we hearded the gang to ok Karaoke where every other hen do in Leeds was - it was way too heaving for my delicate sensibilities - I just don't blend well ;) Mof entertained the entire place with a superb rendition of Rollin' by Limp Bizkit - marvellous. I then bid them fairwell and headed up to flock. which was also heaving but in a good way ;) forced shaggy to stay on our sofa rather than letting him walk home about 8 miles.

so hen do good - spending quality time with Mof is always fun and it was lovely to meet her Ma and Auntie Gwen.

Sunday was spent tending to Shaggy (thought he might die of his hangover), shopping at morrisons (My hangover finally caught me up in the petfood aisle), cooking Chilli flans and watching the Scorpian King and Dr Who. I also played guitar a bit as Daevid had restrung it for me - this required me to chop my nails on my left hand but hey, having recently taken my labret out so I could play the flute more, it was but a minor sacrifice.

Rock on.
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Scrubbers! [May. 23rd, 2011|01:17 pm]
Had a strangely satisfying weekend of cleaning - on the saturday all of us had different bits to do - I did the kitchen - this mostly involve being on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush (stolen from Jacqui who left it down the club last year) everything was lifted and cleaned behind too. everyone did sterling work and the house is pretty damn good now. Didn't get round to clearing out stuff like I'd planned - will probably do that over the bank holiday.

Sunday involved constucting a curry from scratch - which started with me roasting a tandoori pasted chicken. I do enjoy cooking big vats of steaming exciting food :) Am practicing for a work charity thing that me and another chap have invented called 'I'm not a celebrity come lunch with me' - I have til september to find a tasty 2 course meal to cook for 8 people for not much over a tenner. I shall enjoy experimenting :D
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2011|01:23 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

weekend is nearly upon us. think this one will mostly involve cleaning as Michealo and Helena are hopefully coming to look round the house on Sunday. Alistair has been informed of this ;)

hopefully off for fish and chips at nash's tonight before heading to the Wrens to make sure natasha is properly seen off. other than that I plan to sleep. particularly after the cat went mental last night. she was scratching to come in to my room - which she never does. but wouldn't settle when she was in my room so I kicked her out and there was more scratching. so I got up (about 1.15 now) and locked her in the spare room with some food and water. given she voluntarily spends most of her time in there... got to sleep until about 2:20 when I was woken and could here her scratching at the door from over a floor away. thus a comedy chase ensued for about 10 minutes before I managed to chase her into the kitchen and shut the door behind her. peace. then I woke up at 5ish with horrid eye allergies due to stroking her and not washing my hands. bah. I had a swollen eyeball until midday and I feel soooooooooooooooooooooo zonked.

did my first 2 taekwondo lesson week since I went back. he's taking no prisoners and had me doing reverse turning kick, jump back kick and 360 degree turning kick. all of which I could mostly remember how to do. now to lose a gazillion stone so I can fit back in to my dobok trousers rather than training in running clothes.
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